Finding The Right Canadian Property Management Company

If you are a newcomer to the world of property investing, it is highly recommended that you seek the professional help of a property management company. Property managers can help streamline the management functions of a rental property in addition to relieving you of a range of daunting tasks associated with running and maintaining rental properties. Property managers basically function as the intermediary between tenants and landlords.

Here are some things to consider before deciding to continue with the current property management firm or to move over to a more professional firm.

Firstly, try to evaluate how accessible the property management company is. Are you able to communicate with the top-level professionals when you need to discuss something important or are you simply directed to inexperienced trainees who are incapable of processing your requests A good company will assign the same professional the task of managing your property year after year.

Secondly, assess how well the property management company is actually running your property. Is your property generating the cash flow you expect It is also important to take note of their marketing programs and how often they improvise it. If you are not satisfied with the marketing efforts of the company that markets your property for long-term lease or vacation rental, then maybe it is time to change the Canadian property management firm.

Next, evaluate the level of customer service offered by the property management company. Does their service make you feel comfortable and valued or does it lack enough concern for you or your tenants Remember, if the company does not treat you well, they are probably not the best choice to entrust your property with.

Now it is time to analyze their fee structure. Find out if there are any hidden charges or monthly fees that can seriously affect your monthly income. To understand if you are being charged fairly by a property management firm, try to get an idea of what other companies in the area are charging.

Some management firms may charge monthly administrative fees in addition to the commission earned for managing properties. Monthly administrative fees are fine for vacation rental properties as these investments require more attention to details like paperwork as the guests keep coming and going. However, charging monthly fees for long term rental properties is obviously pointless as the paperwork of these properties will be completed up front during the time of signing the lease. So, if a property management firm still demands monthly fees, you should choose to not do business with them.

It is easier said than done to find a Canadian property management company that features the perfect combination of exceptional handling of rental properties, reasonable commission fees and outstanding customer support. Although you may find one or two of these qualities in most companies, finding all three is quite difficult.

So, your first priority must be to find a property management firm with a stable, well-trained team of professionals. Even if it means paying slightly higher fees, you still stand to gain in terms of better service, improved tenant retention and fewer problems.

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